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Commercial and Residential On-Site Furniture Repair
On-Site Furniture Refinishing
Touch-Up and Refinish
Customized Work Stations
Shelves Built and Installed
Power and Data Grommets
Millwork and Molding
Dutchman Patches
Resize Conference Tables
All Woodworking Needs

Scott Billings Woodworking is Boston’s premier woodwork and furniture service provider, specializing in on-site office, commercial and residential woodworking. He performs repair, restoration, fabrication and refinishing on-site at corporate headquarters, business offices, law firms, universities, libraries, museums, residential homes and more. Scott also maintains a complete workshop for off-site projects.

Billings Woodworking uses only LEED Certified “green” water-based finishes. Not only are these finishes odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable, they are durable and fast drying. This allows Scott to work after hours at your location, saving you the cost of moving furniture and downtime. Whether it’s a scratch in your boardroom conference table of a desk in disrepair, Scott can touch-up and refinish your furniture to keep it looking new.

Scott Billings was trained at the renowned North Bennet Street School in Boston and today has more than 30 years of woodworking experience and craftsmanship.

Scott Billins specializes in on-site office, commercial and residential woodwork refinishing
Billings Woodworking